Reading Group

Wednesdays at 18:30 in BBB 3725

Every Wednesday a speaker presents an AI/ML paper, and then as a group we discuss it. This is a great way to learn more about AI/ML in a low-stress environment. We are all here to learn and all are welcome! We cater food weekly from various restaurants. Before each week's meeting, members read literature related to the week's topic so then we can have an informed discussion on the topic. See Slack for more information!


MSAIL engages in student-led research projects on topics ranging from natural language processing to computer vision to medical AI. We will place you on a team with other MSAIL members who have a wide range of experience in machine learning to facilitate a meaningful project experience that your team will then present at a poster symposium at the end of the semester. This is a great opportunity to further your research experience, explore AI/ML if you have not researched in the domain before, and present on your work! If you are more experienced, we are also looking for project leads! If you are interested in joining a project team join the slack below and reach out to any of us on the administration (Sean, Patrick, Yash, Nikhil). We are always looking for new additions to the teams! Slack


MSAIL offers tutorials at various times throughout the semester. These tutorials are a great way to introduce you to the software and tools used in AI/ML development. Our most recent tutorial taught TensorFlow basics. If you are interested in this, join the Slack below to stay informed of upcoming tutorials! See Slack for more information!