Michigan AI Alumni Panel

Credit: Datature

Nov 15, 2021 8:00 PM — 9:00 PM

Speaker(s): Anthony Zheng, Kiran Prasad, Andong Li Zhao, Christian Kavouras
Topic: Michigan AI Alumni Panel

We hosted a virtual speaker panel with a few UMich alumni who are currently doing very exciting work with AI in industry and academia.

  • Anthony Zheng is an Apple research engineer working on search algorithms for Apple Media Products
  • Kiran Prasad is an Applied Scientist at Microsoft working on NLP models for Microsoft products and was at CMU for his MS in AI and Innovation
  • Andong Li Zhao is a CS PhD student at Northwestern working on making information more democratically accessible
  • Christian Kavouras is a former Applied Scientist intern at Amazon working on ML/NLP applications and graduated from UWashington for his MS in Computational Linguistics

Supplemental Resources

Andong’s Slides
Anthony’s Slides
Christian’s Slides
Kiran’s Slides
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