Understanding MLOps for Computer Vision Pipelines

Credit: Datature

Nov 8, 2021 7:30 PM — 8:30 PM

Speaker(s): Datature Team
Topic: Understanding MLOps for Computer Vision Pipelines

We hosted an industry talk with Datature, a no-code platform that allows teams and enterprises to build computer vision models. In this session, they covered key MLOps practices and the shift from ‘model-centric AI’ development to a ‘data-centric’ approach in the context of computer vision. There was also a ‘hands-on’ aspect where students were able to build a facemask detection / chess piece detection model in under 30 minutes using Datature’s no-code platform.

Supplemental Resources

We have a link with a tutorial for using Datature’s MLOps platform, but it is UMich only. If you are a UMich student interested in seeing it, please reach out to the MSAIL admin team and we will happily pass it along.

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