Computer Vision

Machine Learning for Intraoperative Diagnosis of Brain Tumors Imaged using Stimulated Raman Histology

Speaker(s): Cheng Jiang

Understanding MLOps for Computer Vision Pipelines

Speaker(s): Datature Team

Contrastive Learning with Hard Negative Samples

Speaker(s): Kevin Wang

Do convolutional neural networks mimic the human visual system?

Richard Feynman once said “What I cannot create I do not understand.” Therefore, to truly understand the human visual system, we must learn to create it. One of the most effective forms of such creation is the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) system to mimic the human visual system.

Using Transformers for Vision

Speaker(s): Andrew Awad and Drake Svoboda

Computer Vision

Presented by Kevin Wang​

Convolutional Neural Networks

Presented by Kevin Wang

Brain-Inspired AI

Speaker(s): John Day

Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks

Speaker(s): Andrew Awad